Spider-Man Preview: PS4

Peter Parker returns and we get to play as Spider-Man in this game developed by Insomniac Games. We’re giving our preview of this game based on the trailers and gameplay so far in order to prepare for the September 7th release.

We’ll begin with the graphics. The E3 demo we received in June looked incredible. The rain, electricity from Electro (more on him in a minute), and the use of colors made the game look like a movie. I wonder if the game was shown on a PS4 Pro in 4K or on a standard PS4, either way it was visually stimulating. I’ve also seen videos of Spider-Man swinging through Manhattan during the day and I had the sense that I was watching Spider-Man Homecoming. I hope the images of what we’ve seen so far will stay and transition into the final product.

Next, characters. In the demo we got to see Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, and another character whom I’ve never seen before. The man is in business attire who looks as if he’s ready for a job interview, but he has the ability to shoot projectiles. I’m unsure what other powers he possesses since the other times I’ve seen him is when he’s either shooting something out of his hands or he’s sitting in a helicopter. There’s another character Spider-Man sees at the end of the demo and he says “wait… you?” I would love to see Doctor Octopus here since it would be a Sinister Six type of setup, but there are faint sounds of boosters before Spider-Man uttered his dialogue. I’m thinking it’s more likely Green Goblin on a glider and Norman Osborne might be part of this villain stable.

Image by: comicbook.com

Finally, gameplay. The gameplay I’ve seen so far reminds me of the Batman: Arkham series, developed by Rocksteady. The fighting sequences you get to control has a similar style where you can use gadgets, hand-to-hand combat, and the environment to take down your foes. Travelling around the city of Manhattan appears to be free as well, but my only question is how much of the city will we be able to explore? We will get to experience an open-world, which again reminds me of the Batman: Arkham series (particularly Arkham City and Arkham Knight). It will be interesting to see how much will be open to the player.

spider-man fighting
Image by: playstation.com

The main concern on my mind is the cut scenes. During the E3 demo we got to see Spider-Man chasing a helicopter, but the action sequences were slowed down and was based on the player’s reaction. For instance, the player was prompted to select a button at times where I would think the player should be able to control Spidey on their own. The player selected the button and Peter automatically jumped over a table, slid under another, leaped towards the helicopter and another button showed up for the player to press. I’m thinking if the player either selects the wrong button or time runs out, then you would either have to start over or Spider-Man would slow down in some way.

Overall, this game looks very impressive. I’m looking forward to the story line and see if there will be any cameos from other villains or heroes. Although I have my concerns about the gameplay, I am very excited to play this game when it comes out in early September.

What did you think? Do you have any concerns so far about the game? Do you have a character you would like to see? Let us know in the comments!

The E3 gameplay is below so check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

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