Orange is the New Black: Season 6 Episode 1 Review

Season 6 is finally here! It has been just over a year since season 5 was released on Netflix. Season 5 came out June 9th, 2017 and season 6 was released on July 27th, 2018. This review is only for the first episode. For those of you who have not caught up yet, then at least watch the final episode of season 5, then come back. This will include spoilers.

Spoilers below!

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Here is an extremely brief summary as to what happened in season 5. There was a riot, which started because Poussey was killed and justice was being sought out by Taystee, officer Piscatella sneaked into the prison in an attempt to stop the riot and help his fellow officers who were being held captive by the inmates, and there was a breach in the prison by the SWAT team before a deal could be finalized to end the riot without the use of force. The last thing we see on the finale of season 5 is Piscatella was released by Red and he ended up getting shot and killed by the SWAT team.

Season 6 begins with a fan-favorite, Suzanne AKA Crazy Eyes in a cell in what looks to be a maximum security prison. We get to see what actually goes on in the head of Crazy Eyes because she looks outside of her cell and watches her fellow inmates in their own cells. She is watching them as if they are different channels on a television. I loved seeing this side because this is the first time from what I can remember where we get dive into the mind of Suzanne. Piper was on the game show Jeopardy asking where Alex is, Dayanara was dancing with two guards, and Frieda hosted a magic show where one trick had cards flying out of her wrists. Suzanne was later escorted out of her cell and you see that Piper is simply asking where Alex is to other inmates, Dayanara was beaten by two officers, and Frieda actually slit her wrists, which she survived.

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We later find out there is an investigation going on with the riot that took place in Litchfield and how two cops were killed. Sue was getting questioned and we were brought into a flashback where four officers made it look like the inmates killed Piscatella so they don’t get blamed for killing their fellow officer. The officers are a lot more corrupt than those who were in Litchfield. The officers or guards would certainly go out of their way to help each other before, but now they are framing inmates for the killing of Piscatella.

There is more corruption in the maximum security prison when we see Taystee get beaten by another officer in her own cell and two other officers made Maria Ruiz and Gloria Mendoza make out after they fought each other. The rules appear to be more relaxed on the officers/guards in the maximum prison, but it makes me wonder if there is more corruption at the top. Who runs the prison? Also, what is their story? I’m sure more is to come on this as the season progresses.

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We also meet some new personalities in the prison. There is a group of three girls and one of the girls gave Dayanara a Snickers. I immediately think “don’t take it!” I’m sure we’ll get to know these three ladies later in the season, but the most interesting one for me is Badison. We are introduced to Badison when Piper talks to the established inmate to try to obtain clues on the whereabouts of Alex. Piper is thinking Alex is in medical and Badison seems to know where that is, so Badison knocks Piper over and she hits the floor losing a tooth in the process. That’s certainly one way to get to medical, but Red takes notice of this.

Badison and Red are now in the same cell and Red warns Badison to watch out. Badison appears to take it lightly and now season 6 is ready to go. I’m worried for Red’s sake because she may have met her match. Badison has home field advantage and knows how the maximum security prison works. The other inmates are separated in different cells so this may be a way to isolate the Litchfield inmates from the rest. We also only met a few new inmates.

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I liked how this season started so far. I was skeptical about watching this show in a different prison, but the corruption by the officers, the new inmates, the separation of the inmates we have already met, comic relief thanks to Crazy Eyes, and finally the continued story from the killing of Piscatella all gives this season a great start.

What did you think of the first episode of the new season? What do you think will happen to the inmates we have seen so far? Which story line are you looking forward to see play out? Let us know in the comments below!

The trailer for season six is below.

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